Front End Developer
based in Singapore


I believe that "no human beings can ever be more than a work in progress”, a quote from The Tools. Whatever I do, I wish I do it better today than yesterday.

I grew up playing the violin and the percussions. Although I now barely have time for my love in music. I climb, I write about my reading, and I am learning Japanese.


I am a front end developer at Shopee. We are an e-commerce platform based in Singapore. We face this globe’s next billion users including Indonesia, Vietnam, and 7 countries and regions in South East Asia.

Our current tech stack is the React Ecosystem. This includes React, Redux, React Router, etc. We build AMP for our mobile apps. We use engineering tools such as Webpack and Lerna.

I organize React Knowledgeable, fostering depth of learning and making our knowledge into talks.


I work with CodingGirls SG for a force to promote girl-power in the local developers' community (╹◡╹)

I'm interested in typographic design. I’ve designed a few static projects including: CodingGirls’ 30 Days of CSS, a Japanese Journal, etc.