Maintaining Docusaurus, breeding 🦖 and building the best documentation experience for future projects.

Working with

Docusaurus is a project for building, deploying, and maintaining open source project websites.

Fun Fact: Docusaurus is a Singapore pride. It is currently maintained by Yangshun who is originally from Singapore, Endi who used to work in Singapore, and myself who is clearly in love with Singapore.

Docusaurus 2

My brothers Yangshun and Endi are doing some brilliant work creating Docusaurus 2. The hot reload dev server builds and rebuilds in matters of seconds and milliseconds. The client site will be an SPA, code-split by route, and pages are load lightning fast without even a spinner. How is that even possible?

I find myself filling the missing puzzle piece for the project. I'd like to work on writing docs, improving typography for both Docusaurus itself and its generated sites, as well as addressing developer experience for the project.

I am very concerned with documentation itself. I learn by writing docs. I wrote a fair portion of the revamped docs of React Redux, and I actively help with docs of open source projects I use myself.

My parts

My major contribution has been around docs (isn't that cool? docs for a docs project):

Other than docs, I also self-identified the goal to improve experience for both developers and users:

  • Improve typography for better reading
  • Triage issues, help with code reviews, product designs for better developer experience

Digging more

On doc sites

Working on Docusaurus offers a unique perspective to learn about docs. Let me keep my wonder list open here:

  • How to organize docs?
  • How does the typography of doc sites help users find what they need quickly?
  • What to share with the users to help them understand the project better?


You can find me and speak with me about Docusaurus at anytime, but I'll probably be sharing more about Docusaurus at the following events: