Flow is the most mathematically beautiful project I've ever come across in the front end world. I've been keeping our code base up-to-date with Flow and I'm learning about Flow and type systems in general.


Week of Aug 19 ~ 23 2019

v0.106 is released. New model of object spreads is coming. So I took some time to looked at that and updated flow-notes.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that the way to learn about Flow is more useful than the actual notes on Flow. So I've pushed down the cheatsheet part in the notes, and added a section on top that is more methodology oriented. I'll start putting up links to tests, talks and articles I found interesting, alongside with a short note of my summary.

This week, I also got involved in a conversation about Flow on Twitter. I found it a bit funny how easy it is to see TS and Flow as opposing factions. But really they're very similar and I'd say the differences are mainly on taste, and of course the community. I hope I've made my point clear and friendly. Also saw a hint how some other part of the conversation went south.

Week of Aug 5 ~ 11 2019

Working on flow-notes:

  • tagging #6
  • object spread

Week of July 29 ~ Aug 4 2019

  • Moved some notes out to the main page and make them less version-oriented

Week of July 15 ~ 21 2019

  • Added examples to objects and functions