React Knowledgeable

Nicknamed <RK /> and born in October 2018, React Knowledgeable is a fun and friendly podium to share what we learn about React.

Working with

I've been running React Knowledgeable since October 2018.

Initially, <RK /> was a reform of the weekly sharing we had in our React team. We changed from running on lucky draw to proposing to talk. This made the podium live. Giving talks no longer is a shared task, but a chance to pick up to share things that are shining interesting.

However, none of us were experienced speakers to begin with. So we worked on talks with our speakers together. We do dry runs, during which we feedback & discuss how to present the content better, and where to look more for more interesting topics. We also come up with a boardgame workshop that aims at helping formulate ideas into talks.

With our ~30 developers, we've been keeping this podium up and running for 36 weeks (as of July 2019), produced more than 50 talks from more than 20 speakers. With the exception of public holidays and company events, we've never missed a week. Numbers don't mean anything without some virtues, but I'm really very proud to see some of us took the opportunities to, say, become the go-to person on certain subjects in our team, consistently practice speaking, build talk series, and learn the subject deeper. It has completely changed the trajectory of my own career and it is why I have to share this with literally every person I care.

We are now at the stage of bringing <RK /> to a greater audience. My thoughts evolved a few times, but #LearnInPublic has roughly been the guiding principle.


Week of Aug 5 ~ 11 2019

  • First-ever RK meetup! We were all ridiculously nervous. Upcoming ones are going to be better 頑張ります
  • Also started preparing for September.

Week of July 29 ~ Aug 4 2019

  • Created meetup pages for RK site (#19). It can be played like a presentation slides (#20)! Try here (press p for presentation).

Week of July 22 ~ 28 2019

Week of July 15 ~ 21 2019



<RK /> at Shopee

  • GitHub repo is where to look for all the talks
  • DR.RK, dry run the talk one week before delivery
  • RK Board Game, a board game workshop aiming at puffing up "rough ideas" of talks into more and better organized ones with magic storytelling
  • YouTube channel, mostly done by Ken, fine craftsmanship. You can ask me which talks are my favorites.
  • <RK /> tea time (discontinued), a seasonal reflection on what we did and did not do well.
  • Fortnightly React updates, a mini talk series on what's new in the bigger React community for the past two weeks.

<RK /> in this town 🇸🇬

We're launching <RK /> in Singapore! Looking forward to our first meetup on Aug 6!

  • Community site, currently working in progress
  • Meetup group
  • GitHub repo, once again we'll use GitHub issues to organize talk proposals
  • Organizer notes, putting down notes to run RK publicly here. The idea is that anybody can pick up a checklist and produce the basics of an RK event. The form of events is not the spirit of RK, but should be the system that helps generate it. We want to make RK special because of its community and its content.

<RK /> moments