The Treasure in Writing Docs

A True Gem in My Learning Folio as a Work in Progress Web Developer

How much do you think you will learn by writing docs? You pick up a topic, read the relevant code, blog posts, answered questions, and organize them into the context of official docs. The magic lies in the role shift from a developer to an explainer, and an end user to a maintainer.

The mission to explain things to others makes your learning more interactive, and the top-down approach to the subject matter nurtures your curiosity to go deeper. What's more, the collective knowledge on the internet becomes *your* knowledge, the answers to questions no longer scattered everywhere but live organized in the official docs, thanks to *your contribution*.

It's probably the best #learnInPublic habit that too few people know about. It's a true gem I keep in my learning folio, would you like to carve yours as well?

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